Leaders and their teams benefit from coaching most when they experience some kind of change: a merger, re-organizing or a new strategic orientation. Depending on teams specific needs, I offer team coaching or individual sessions as one-time events or on a more regular basis. Some of the teams prefer to meet in-person, some by online conferencing, and some combining in-person and online meetings.

Coaching services are always tailor made depending on the teams specific needs. Rather than giving an expert advice (as in consulting) or transferring particular skills (as in training), I invite the team to use their own resources and develop them further in a way that is most suitable for them to move forward.

A choice of services include:

  • Team charter – how do we work together
  • Creating and applying decision making tools
  • Defining the shared vision
  • Building the mission statement
  • Planning strategic projects
  • Debriefing strategic projects
  • Tracking and evaluating performance

All services include tools and methods to apply directly in your daily business. Actions and insights will be integrated into the team structures and systems you already have in place, e.g. performance systems and team meetings.

Working with me, your team will become more effective and your people more engaged, as you might see in the case studies.

Would you be willing to know more? Contact me directly to schedule a free conversation on how will your team move best forward.