Implementation of a strategy

Team: Senior managers from different European countries

Goal: Implementation of the corporate strategy into the daily business

The Process:

  1. Deriving the strategic areas from the shared vision (based on the principle “strategy follows vision”)
  2. Brainstorming of possible ways to support the 5 strategic areas
  3. Choice of actions suitable for the  respective country by every manager
  4. Monthly individual follow-up coaching (30 min via online conferencing)
  5. Presentation of progress to the entire team every 2-3 months (90 min via online conferencing)

Results: Thanks to the process, everyone was able to implement the strategy in a way that fitted the respective country’s situation best. Individual follow-up coaching gave the opportunity to step out from the daily business, look at the progress made and define further actions. Team meet-ups were appreciated to exchange ideas and reinforce the strategic direction.