New product launch


Team: 30 sales and marketing experts

Time: 4 hours

Goal: Defining the best way to launch a new product

The Process:

  1. Discussion on the importance of different perspectives and splitting the group into 6 teams with different perspectives
  2. Analysts team gathered hard facts and data on the product and the market
  3. Emotional team described their subjective intuition about the product
  4. Critics team draw a scenario of possible risks when launching the product
  5. Enthusiasts team formulated opportunities for the product
  6. Creative team designed new and innovative ways to bring the product to the market
  7. Protectors team identified arguments to stick with the previous portfolio
  8. Back in the main room, every team presented their perspective
  9. Entire team chose key aspects for the product launch
  10. Next steps were identified

Results: Having explored many different perspectives in such a short timeframe, the sales and marketing was prepared to successfully deliver the product to the market

Further application: The workshop is well suitable to replace written guidelines while increasing commitment to the product.