Case studies

Every project is different, as every team is different. In this section you will find some examples of how Coaching Teams Forward works in practice.

Shared growth vision for a European business

The Goal

The senior management came from different European countries. They were all experts in their fields, however everyone was working independently in their respective markets. For the next step to grow the business in Europe, an alignment of actions and enhanced collaboration were necessary.

The Process
  • After discussing the importance aligning of actions and collaboration, managers were invited to work out a draft of a vision for the European business in groups.
  • Group work consisted of three rounds, with increasing group size each time.
  • In the final round, whole management team agreed on one vision for the European business that everybody supported.
The Impact

During the workshop, commitment level of team members was continuously increasing. Taking active part in the creation of the vision, everyone was treating it as its own. The shared vision founded a cornerstone for further development of the business, was used for internal communication in the respective countries as well as for marketing purposes all over Europe.

Implementation of a strategy

The Goal

Implementation of the European strategy into the daily business.

The Process
  • In a joint meeting, five key areas for the European strategy were defined and possible ways to support theme were brainstormed by the entire management team
  • Templates were provided for each country manager to define actions best suitable for the  respective country which formed the basis for monthly individual follow-up coaching (30 min via online conferencing)
  • Each country’s progress was presented to the entire team every 2-3 months (90 min via online conferencing)
The Impact

Thanks to the process, everyone was able to implement the strategy in a way that fitted the respective country’s situation best. Individual follow-up coaching gave the opportunity to step out from the daily business, look at the progress made and define further actions. Team meet-ups were appreciated to exchange ideas and reinforce the strategic direction, learn from each other and celebrate successes.