The times of fix business strategies are over. In a world of constant change there is no “one way to do business” anymore. Successful organizations engage entire teams in their strategic planning, effectively using all the resources already available. As a coach, I am supporting teams to create strategies that will best move their organizations forward.

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About Teams

Highly effective business teams function in the same way as great performing sports teams do.

Everybody knows what they are aiming for and his or her role in that process. Everybody uses their respective experience and strengths, knowing that it’s actually the diversity of team members that makes them strong as a team. Both, great business teams and sports teams are consistent in moving forward and know that every challenge only makes them stronger.

And – they have a coach.

As a team coach I support business leaders and their teams to define clear goals and the strategy to get there. I provide methods and tools them to gain confidence about their talents and assign roles according to their strengths. Working with me, teams enter into process of gaining on efficiency that lasts long after the time time of cooperation.

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Leaders and their teams benefit from coaching most when they experience some kind of change: a merger, re-organizing or a new strategic orientation. Depending on teams specific needs, I offer team coaching or individual sessions as one-time events or on a more regular basis. Some of the teams prefer to meet in-person, some by online conferencing, and some combining in-person and online meetings.

Coaching services are always tailor made depending on the teams specific needs. Rather than giving an expert advice (as in consulting) or transferring particular skills (as in training), I invite the team to use their own resources and develop them further in a way that is most suitable for them to move forward.

A choice of services include:

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About me

Agnieszka Rychlewska

Now as a coach and trainer, and previously as a strategic project manager, I am partnering with leaders to make their teams more effective. I believe that any organization’s success depends on their people and look forward to cooperating with professionals who think alike.

Agnieszka 003c2When working with me, leaders develop their businesses by developing their people, i.e. using the resources already available more efficiently. I apply coaching skills for strategic project planning, to facilitate culture change, leverage synergies and foster collaboration – by creating environments for all participants to share and develop their talents and expertise.

My credentials:ACC_WEBeci-certified-professional-coach
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Would you be open to a free conversation on how your team will best move forward?

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